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Attorney Keith M. Wallace
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We help people develop the right solutions for their issues and conflicts.

Whether it’s divorce, custody, or parenting time issues, post-divorce conflicts, or any other family issues such as elder care, we give people the tools they need to reach resolution.

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Evansville Divorce, Custody, Parenting Time Mediator – Getting Started

Mediation can be an incredibly useful process for resolving almost all types of conflicts, especially within family dynamics. To get started, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that all parties involved will agree to participate in the mediation.

    We cannot force anyone to mediate a dispute or conflict. In order for a mediation to be successful, all parties should have a genuine desire to resolve the dispute or conflict. This doesn’t mean that all parties have to genuinely believe that mediation WILL result in a resolution, but simply they are willing to try mediation in good faith. If a divorce/lawsuit has already been filed, you can notify the court your decision to mediate.

  2. Call us at 812-463-2727 so that we can learn about your matter.

    When you call, we will obtain the parties names, contact information and begin identifying the issues that need to be addressed and resolved.

  3. Sign the mediation agreement and pay the applicable mediation fee.

    We will send a short mediation agreement to the parties and carefully review the agreement with all parties (and their lawyers, if anyone is represented by legal counsel).

After these steps have been completed, a mediation date will be scheduled. Each of the parties will be asked to provide several dates that they are available. If a resolution is reached during the mediation, an agreement will be drafted to document the resolution and the obligations of each of the parties.