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Attorney Keith M. Wallace
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Keith Wallace: Evansville Divorce & Custody Mediator

Attorney Keith M. Wallace has practiced law for 30 years and has substantial experience in civil litigation, family litigation, representing small businesses, contract issues and negotiation, and all aspects of family law.  He started Southern Indiana Mediation to help families minimize and possibly eliminate the consequences of emotional family conflicts and disputes. The hurt, pain and scars children suffer from their parents’ bitter divorce battles must stop.

I approach mediation with two purposes in mind.  The first purpose is to assist parties in resolving their conflict in an acceptable manner. The second purpose is to provide family members with the tools and procedures to resolve future issues before they become emotional conflicts with potential emotional damage.
I have seen first-hand how the legal system tears families apart. While the adversarial aspect of the US legal system typically works well in non-family disputes, it does NOT work well for family disputes.

Going to court is an emotional experience where relatively small disputes can become major fights that are costly, lengthy, and destroy any hope for a resolution with the parties being able to maintain a relationship. My goal is to help families learn how to constructively resolve disputes outside of court in a positive environment.