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Evansville Family Mediator

Southern Indiana Mediation was established to help families resolve conflicts arising from divorce, child custody and parenting time, post-divorce issues, elder care of parents, family business succession, and other family issues.

Why Are Family Mediation Matters Unique?

Unlike other lawsuits, family conflicts are unique because the family members will still be family after the lawsuit or divorce is final when there are children.

Divorcing parents, or divorced parents, may not be married but they are still mom and dad to their children.  In order to create a positive and nurturing environment for their children, they must continue to work with each other even after their divorce is final.  There will likely be other family members who will also continue to be involved, such as the children’s grandparents.  If a spouse re-marries, stepparents and stepbrothers and stepsisters may also become part of the picture.

Mediation is a Powerful Way of Helping Resolve Family Conflicts

Mediation offers families in conflict an opportunity to have a say in how their conflict is resolved.

In mediation, the parties work with the mediator’s assistance to resolve their issues or conflicts in a way that is acceptable to everyone.  The parties are free to craft unique and creative solutions to their problems, and they are under no obligation to reach an agreement.

Alternatively, when families take a conflict to court, they leave the decision for their conflict by the judge. The judge does not engage in any creative solutions; typically, the judge’s role is to find in favor of one party and the other party.  As a result, when most disputes go to trial, both parties end up being unhappy with the results, particularly as even the “winning” party may have had to pay thousands of dollars to their attorney and still not get what the wanted.